Not many games will give you the chance to smash gummy bears with wrestling moves, so you should be excited about the new Burrito Bison 3 game.

This time in Burrito Bison 3 you will have get rid of even more gummy bears, fly faster, and smash through doors like they are made out of rubber.

Burrito Bison 3

In Burrito Bison 3 you just have to click the screen to launch the bison from the fighting ring and into the crowd. After that, inertia will start playing a role in the duration of the flight, but you might have some tricks up your sleeve. Every time you hit the left mouse button, a rocket will propel the bison harder into the gummy bears. This will give you both speed and altitude, and you might reach a farther distance. Your rockets can be reactivated if you smash enough gummy bears, so if you have a good flight, you will be able to keep on using them for a while until you slow down. After that, you can improve your runs by getting the right upgrades from the store. This way, the bison will become better gradually and each new flight will be a new adventure. You will notice a few new types of enemies in the process and plenty of upgrades scattered along the way. If you are lucky enough to hit the right ones, you will improve your score. At the end of each round of Burrito Bison 3 game you will receive some cash based on the distance you traveled.

Burrito Bison 3 is an upgrade game and if you play it for a while, you will be able to purchase everything and create your own flying bison. Those gummy bears don't stand a chance, so start killing them one by one and don't forget to use your paycheck wisely once you receive it.